Sunday, July 19, 2009

My love, my life…

It’s so hard to let go,
So hard to give in,
But when love decides to leave,
Choice leaves only one open dooe.
Today is the longest day of my life,
The saddest moments of my existence,
Standing here watching you walk away,
Knowing that we’ve come to the end of the road,
Tears me up inside,
Bleeds me poor ol’ heart dry
And suicidal thoughts push to end the misery…
Oh, what I wouldn’t give for another chance,
A second bite of love’s unfermented cherry,
For a re-run of all ‘em glorious memories made,
Sweet and sour…
Grating and gratifying…
I lie here pained, dying from grief,
Discordant chimes of reflections inside,
Yet still betrothed to you soul and spirit,
I still love you more than words can say,
So much that even bitterness hath no room
And anger’s fire is smoldered by age-long affections…
Pray! You may leave as your heart desires,
Smitten as I am,
I cannot hold you back,
Or fight that which I cannot see or be,
You’re a prized possession that hath the freedom to fly
And fly as you please you shall…
I pray God bless you as you go,
My wish for you wherever you go is,
That your dreams stay big,
Your worries small,
And you never have to carry more than you can bear,
No matter what becomes of you
Or indeed I,
You hold a special place in my heart,
Eternally filled with the cornucopia of gifts you gave,
Protected with the fervency of a lover’s jealousy
A place that can never be touched by anyone,
Because always and forever you are,
My love, my life…

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