Monday, July 20, 2009

Three Years on...

Three years on and I still feel it,
The words come back in a piece and bit,
My heart’s still hollow,

Deeps run shallow,
All the way down to the marrow,
Eternally, tis’ now like a vice,
For thine memories still locks me in a vise …
Rains have come,
And storms long gone,
Thought I’d seen it all,
Standing strong and tall,
Seein’ out the darkness of the nightfall,
Heard the healing balm of Venus’ call,
Above the dirge of your pall,
But three years on and I still feel bit
Like I’ve only just been hit …
You still stop my heartbeat,
Make my pulse rise and heat,
Still sweep me off my feet …
Three years on and you still fill my every thoughts’
And like t’was on that cold, cold night,
I still feel the hurt...

1 comment:

  1. I am really feeling the vibe pouring from your lyrics. You've definitely got the art in you. I'm glad.