Sunday, August 2, 2009


An icicle in blistering sunshine,
Drop by drop, melting away,
Yielding slowly with every wave,

But intent on focus,
Defiant in the steady heat,
Not to be felt or reached,
Stock still, wide teary gaze,

Far off and crazed,
Piercing hate into the stifling dark,
Just a lifeless furrow on the surface,
Resigned to an unsavory faith,
Dead, inside and out!

Giving in...

This wait's been infinitude
I toiled long and hard to get here,
gave my heart on a silver platter,
strode by your side years and on,
sold my soul to buy your time,
kept faith and stayed true blindly.
the fight's against me,
bleeding your way for inspiration,
anything to keep that flame burning,
for a reason to stand,
wrestle this scourge feeding inside.
But each today's more shattering than before,
and tomorrow promises no less than more...
these hands and limbs are weary and numb,
head and shoulders drooped with the age
eyes teary and blurred
and they tell me its time...
time to give in!