Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be my all…

Take my hand,
Lead me across these waters
Bring the calm,
Stall these rapid swarms
And drifting torrents that storm
Hold me aloft,
Up and above this sweltering river of pain,
This cascade of pelt
And a future in drown.
Touch my soul,
Fill it with magic,
Bathe it in warmth,
Coat it with love.
Take away my every yearn,
Dull this throbbing ache,
And mend this broken heart.
Bring back the light,
Illuminate the path,
Be my guide,
Lead me aright,
Be my refuge,
The pillar of all my strength,
Be my all…
All I need,
All I’ll ever need!


  1. mnnnnnnnnnnnnn...nice one dude...pweety romantic..

  2. Wow! Lovely piece, u've definitely got talent. Keep it comin...