Friday, October 2, 2009

Forever yours…

You moved slowly,
Patiently watching and waiting,
Never rushing, never insisting,
Held my hands
And walked by my side,
True commitment in every step
A pillar of strength at bleary times,
Inspiration in the forlorn days,
Extra shoulders to carry life’s wonted burdens,
The pool that dammed stream of fears…
That’s why, I’m forever yours…

To let go…

It’s so hard to let go love thought held,
Ever so hard to give it up after it’s gone,
Even more so when it’s straight from the depths
And letting go is the only way out,
The only path to release from the debilitating pain…
Time will stand in place,
And the world, cease to turn
You will watch the distance to that back stretch,
Beyond imaginary groping fingers
Away from the beats of your heart
And the drench from the swirling pool of tears
It’s hard… always so hard to let go!


Sorrow fills the heart,
Like the slow spread of poisonous venom,
Pain is persistent,
like an insatiable hunger refusing to be quenched.
Burning embers of passion lay in the depths of the soul,
like rare artifacts waiting to be unearthed.
the soul hopelessly searches for a mate,
like a lost sheep in acres of barren land.
the being is incomplete'
like the sky without the stars,
Spirit so low down,
like a sunken ship in the ocean deeps.
Body longs for the warmth of loving touch,
like the earth thirsts for rain in the dry season. 
the heart is like a lost and forgotten island,
just waiting...
waiting to be discovered,
waiting to love and be loved!