Saturday, November 14, 2009

I adore you always mi Amor…

Tis’ deeply rooted feelings in my core,
And everyday it grows even more,
With you life’s never a bore,
One second without and I go sore,
Some people live it like its war,
Filled with moments of gloom and dour,
For others time is but a blur,
Laboring forth slowly like a slur,
In their faces always a shut door,
But you give me more sweetly than sour,
To my heart, a welcome spring thaw
And only you I live and die for,
I adore you for always mi Amor…


  1. Hi Douglas,

    thx for leaving me a message. Sorry I'm getting back so late.
    Hmm, like the rhyming in this poem. Will be back to read more. TC.

  2.! such a beautiful thing...loving this piece.