Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rue Blues...

Think and think about that night,
was it the chance to make it right?
vesture the shining armour and be the knight?
but the stage was left for fright,
and a missed waltz to hold tight,
passed away in loss without a fight,
leave darkness put out the anthesis of light.

Now sails is set and take flight,
gliding oblivion like a shadowed kite,
distant clouds begin to blur with the sight,
straight course transformed to bight,
a journey neither can alight,
where purview slowly is none the bright.

Honesty demanded my every might,
deep inside a heart snow white,
crossed in a platter of plight,
and i know tis' eternally my blight,
cuz instead i gave a no more than a widows mite.

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