Monday, December 28, 2009

Night on the eve of xmas...

At night, on the eve of xmas
I look into the eyes of the sky,
And thrust into an orphan’s embrace,
In kingdoms lost and unforeseen,
Skirting the shorelines of memory,
To the early footsteps of a painful path,
From the light of hope to murky gloom,
Words that reverberated like ship-bells,
Distant wisps on a fog-laden sea,
Tendrils of a transition there to present,
Flood like silent water cascades…
At night, on the eve of xmas,
It returns as it always was… always been,
Hanging there again for me to see,
Slowly from behind long drawn shades,
The coda of our unfinished symphony,
Always returning,
At night, on the eve of xmas.

Love leaves...

Frozen, wintry laughter,
Wrought, false and dry,
Golden amulets of teardrops,
Crisp and cold,
Break down in minuscules
And run runnel,
Flitting the scape,
Down the napes into capes,
Cleft between sadness and joy,
Threnodies and carols,
A silent bleeding,
For at first crack,
The reindeers trudge on home,
And tonight, love leaves...