Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What more to do...

it hurts bad,
and i feel so very sad,
but there's room not to be mad,
neither recluse like a precluded quad,
so i play the good ol' jolly lad
give that look of old, worn fad,
slight not even just a tad,
for love sometimes is hard,
harsher than a game of gambler's card,
on board you can win a steamy bowl of lard,
or lose a hefty stash of wad,
in the end its up to you and what you had,
see what robes your luck's clad,
be it whole, splinter or shard,
take stock & make it meriting gloomy or glad.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Longing for you...

I long for you...
your silence,
deep and full of tranquil,
when hearts concord,
commute to heights undefined,
mysticism more than the puzzle of science
beauty beyond the finest offerings of art.

I long for you...
your place,
bodies shared with the heavens,
breaking bread in the presence of celestials,
couched in the bosom of untainted peace,
bliss in tufts of ever infinitesimal
yet overly suffice than a lifetime of riches.

I long for you...
your moments,
rocked to the soothing symphony of passion,
infinite measures of joy and free,
cradled in the bounds of your warmth,
far and above this world's every torments,
be it minuscle drops or deluges.

Final Destination

i will smile and say "congratulation"
maybe even feign elation,
dip into my pocket, dole out a handsome donation
but like a wiltering carnation,
all i truely feel is frustration,
my heart brinks on immeasurable consternation
in face a future of damnation,
the rocking inertia of static flotation,
emptiness borne of hunger and starvation,
still i stand to the end a loyal decoration
while you dance to your royal coronation,
away and away from me is your final destination.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Not that to you it'd matter,
here I am bowed, bent fevered from your batter
at your feet see how my world shatter,
like rose petals on a windy street scatter,
what's left of my weary heart needing a garter,
the lifeless remnants of an ever deepening crater,
yet still you feed me words of bare flatter,
all my love served on gold and silver platter,
and the passion I breathe you take as if for barter,
quell with a hold no more dear than mere charter,
cast offs from all that is cheer and brighter,
bow I will to your whims like a waiter,
and heed some to the otiose chatter
but succumb to the belligerent ira of a hater
not mine to espouse for I cling to far greater...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How is it...

How is that she is a flash, here & then nowhere,
the surreal prize only for sight nay fingers probe...
How is that she sees embers of desire glow,

but cohere to the blind of doubt, despair & dare...
How is it that she be so enchantingly hale,

kneading d meekness down to d point of irresistible cede...
How is that she seduces my senses,

furtive sousing made out as torrents of joy on the back of pain...
How is that she lets me through but an infinitesimal peek,

just beyond to trace paths but never to reach the shores of her heart...
How is it that she speaks volumes, those words of charms,

and drought my breathe, seize what power of hearing in slow ebbs...
How is that she is in one the moon, sun & stars,

yet I beside be hooded dark in the veil of her presence...
How is it that she plays my heart on a string,
contrasts enshrined in a haze of sweet ambiguity...
How is that she holds me captive in a dream,

lorn hope ever eternal iterated to no end...
How is it that she makes deception a beautiful dance,

truths, lies; the same much more in essence not actual reality...
How is that she leaves me the feel of idyllic scorn,

and yet deeper in love I descend helplessly still...

One Heartbeat...

Our journey to the other,
strange, unique as only we can say,
soulmates we sought,
soulmates we've found,
in our hearts and Eden beyond...
Today we move a step towards heaven,
fulfilling the promise of love,
reaching the summit of ultimate bliss,
together a fresh song on a new page,
the rediscovery of strength by bond,
be as one heartbeat till eternity.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The point of no return…

Sins have outshined deeds of good
And memories serve up the unpleasant,
Scars of dried, purpled bruises
And then exacerbated to deep wounds
Elastic is time; back it swayeth,
And today resiles to a strained yesterday,
Everything sad and unsavory slough into light,
Waters will run dry and close,
Patience is drained to the height of exhaustion,
Forbearance has lost the will to wait.
When truth is not enough
And tears cannot wipe clean the slate of wrongs,
Importune arouses all but sympathy
And when not to forgive is the most divine,
The road is long with path of thorns,
Your cry loud, thunders and storms,
But thereon, it is the point of no return.

Falling down…

You’ll see the writing on the wall,
But yetnever make out the words…
You’ll hear the whispers in the winds,
But yet never understand the voices…
You’ll walk the tunnel’s length,
But yet never reach light…
You’ll never know,
But yet it’s falling down.

Shadow of a smile…

That wan look,
The lost look of love,
Frozen in time like a wasp trapped in amber…
A smile of fond memories
With a touch of longing regrets,
Abound when a man reminisces,
Journey's back and loses himself in thoughts

about a certain woman,
An absentee still with the vitals,
One who’d given something dear
But now holds far off,

Something that cost even more…

I get along…

I get along very well without you,
Of course I do…
Except when soft rains falls
And drums on my window panes,
Then I recall the warmth of your arms,
The shelter of your embrace
And the joy of having home,
Of course I do,

I get along very well without you…

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Losing you…

I’m by your side yet eons away,
Eerie vibes of unusual rhythms echo off the walls,
Staring into familiar, yet strange new eyes…
A puzzling deviation from the envisioned,
Those gray veils cast over your thoughts,
A becoming different from impressions,
The vacant and distant look,
And smiles of false care…
I can glimpse it on the horizon,
It looms ominous like the faint streak of dawn,
A kindling of strewn ash,
Overtones of a fading beat,
Lower with each chord,
The slow drone of steady whispers,
Meant for ears not mine
And so I know,
Something, somewhere else is winning…