Thursday, March 25, 2010

The point of no return…

Sins have outshined deeds of good
And memories serve up the unpleasant,
Scars of dried, purpled bruises
And then exacerbated to deep wounds
Elastic is time; back it swayeth,
And today resiles to a strained yesterday,
Everything sad and unsavory slough into light,
Waters will run dry and close,
Patience is drained to the height of exhaustion,
Forbearance has lost the will to wait.
When truth is not enough
And tears cannot wipe clean the slate of wrongs,
Importune arouses all but sympathy
And when not to forgive is the most divine,
The road is long with path of thorns,
Your cry loud, thunders and storms,
But thereon, it is the point of no return.

Falling down…

You’ll see the writing on the wall,
But yetnever make out the words…
You’ll hear the whispers in the winds,
But yet never understand the voices…
You’ll walk the tunnel’s length,
But yet never reach light…
You’ll never know,
But yet it’s falling down.

Shadow of a smile…

That wan look,
The lost look of love,
Frozen in time like a wasp trapped in amber…
A smile of fond memories
With a touch of longing regrets,
Abound when a man reminisces,
Journey's back and loses himself in thoughts

about a certain woman,
An absentee still with the vitals,
One who’d given something dear
But now holds far off,

Something that cost even more…

I get along…

I get along very well without you,
Of course I do…
Except when soft rains falls
And drums on my window panes,
Then I recall the warmth of your arms,
The shelter of your embrace
And the joy of having home,
Of course I do,

I get along very well without you…