Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What more to do...

it hurts bad,
and i feel so very sad,
but there's room not to be mad,
neither recluse like a precluded quad,
so i play the good ol' jolly lad
give that look of old, worn fad,
slight not even just a tad,
for love sometimes is hard,
harsher than a game of gambler's card,
on board you can win a steamy bowl of lard,
or lose a hefty stash of wad,
in the end its up to you and what you had,
see what robes your luck's clad,
be it whole, splinter or shard,
take stock & make it meriting gloomy or glad.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Longing for you...

I long for you...
your silence,
deep and full of tranquil,
when hearts concord,
commute to heights undefined,
mysticism more than the puzzle of science
beauty beyond the finest offerings of art.

I long for you...
your place,
bodies shared with the heavens,
breaking bread in the presence of celestials,
couched in the bosom of untainted peace,
bliss in tufts of ever infinitesimal
yet overly suffice than a lifetime of riches.

I long for you...
your moments,
rocked to the soothing symphony of passion,
infinite measures of joy and free,
cradled in the bounds of your warmth,
far and above this world's every torments,
be it minuscle drops or deluges.

Final Destination

i will smile and say "congratulation"
maybe even feign elation,
dip into my pocket, dole out a handsome donation
but like a wiltering carnation,
all i truely feel is frustration,
my heart brinks on immeasurable consternation
in face a future of damnation,
the rocking inertia of static flotation,
emptiness borne of hunger and starvation,
still i stand to the end a loyal decoration
while you dance to your royal coronation,
away and away from me is your final destination.