Monday, October 25, 2010

Longing for you...

I long for you...
your silence,
deep and full of tranquil,
when hearts concord,
commute to heights undefined,
mysticism more than the puzzle of science
beauty beyond the finest offerings of art.

I long for you...
your place,
bodies shared with the heavens,
breaking bread in the presence of celestials,
couched in the bosom of untainted peace,
bliss in tufts of ever infinitesimal
yet overly suffice than a lifetime of riches.

I long for you...
your moments,
rocked to the soothing symphony of passion,
infinite measures of joy and free,
cradled in the bounds of your warmth,
far and above this world's every torments,
be it minuscle drops or deluges.


  1. This a great one,love is something dat we all want and even when our hearts are broken we dont stop searching and hoping dat LOVE,that real LOVE will come our way know as much as we all want to be loved we should be able and ready to give even more. Cause it all begins with YOU.

  2. Simply fantastic!!!