Saturday, December 3, 2011

Loving thoughts of you

Till the day roses are no longer red and violets, blue...
Dogs don't bark, cats don't mew...
And in the harmattan skies there is no dew,
My heart will be filled always with loving thoughts of you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Moonlighting strangers...

As long as we choose to be so,
shadowed, unopen hearts,
feelings true stoppered in stifles,
permitted not to revel wild and free...

As long as the stares are insensate and blank,
blinds drawn across the only windows to beyond,
leaving the tears to swell within
and cracks on these fragile walls...

As long as love is not returned in kind,
and pride stands out front like a shimmering shield,
these grounds continually repel cession,
moonlighting strangers we remain...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everyday I wish...

Wish you near,
Wish away your every fear,
Wish you show some care,
Wish your days are mine to share,
Wish you see into my heart's bare,
Wish all murky be forever clear,
Wish you bold to take this dare,
Wish your's is the love to light my eternal flare!

Pretty eyes...

Oh em pretty eyes,
First glimpse caught a at the train station,
Silently they beckoned,
Tendrils of a plea,
Come to me...
Take away this lonesome...
Be the love I seek...
Say you are the man to make me complete...
But fear clasped my feet,
Chained its walls was my tongue,
And just like it never was,
The moment passed.
In regret I look back and long
And in my head the question rages on,
Will I ever see those pretty eyes again!?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miss you so...

Why do I miss you so,
Far apart or a stone's throw,
Feelings like an arrow without a bow,
A farmer in the fields with no hoe...

How come you never know,
That in my heart you leave an undeniable glow,
Joy whiter than the purest snow,
And your silence is a fatal blow...

What would it take to show,
Make you see the seeds in me you sow,
Each passing day how they grow,
So much that now I can bear not to see you go...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As long as you are happy (I am happy too)

I will watch you walk away,
Brow beat yet barely furrowed,
But as long as you dance with glee,
I am happy too...

The pain in my heart swells to fill a gulf
And the chasm widens with every beat,
But as long as there is that big smile on your face,
I am happy too...

At night in my bed I shrivel,
Wrapped by cold, lonely and despair,
But soon as I think of you in warmth,
I am happy too...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In my heart she still resides

Wished on Urania I did,
And wisdom was bestowed me,
Off came the scales,
Love divine conjured by a whisper,
I held her hands, touched her hair,
Felt the rough edges on her face,
Slept in the warmth of her embrace
And for once I knew…

Compared with her riches held nothing,
All gems the world over couldn’t peer,
In her face all gold is but a mere salt pinch,
At her feet, silver ranked par with muck,
Diamonds, rubies were mere rocks daily trod by foot,
Verges and thrones vestige of distant relics…

I loved her to death,
No thought for detriment or health,
For inside and out,
Her radiance never sleeps,
Always alive with a beauty unmatched,
Neither the moon’s luminescence,
Nor the star’s glistering sparkles,
Could cast a shadow of doubt upon…

In her presence only good I see
And all good things are mine,
At her hands, a cornucopia of delights,
Abundance devoid of numbers,
Green as the land where plenty is norm,
Where peace reigns and looms large
And at heart, again I become bairn…

Sadly now, she is no more,
And all that I’d known only in pages,
Gone like the strewn leaves from autumn trees,
Far off in places I only dream to reach,
A life I can barely dare to live,
But in my heart she still resides.

Come back again...

You love me then leave,
far off and miles to walk,
still I come back again...

you let me in,
then turn around to close me out,
still I come back again...

you feed me crumbs,
ground in tatters, bits and pieces,
still I come back again...

You hide behind that mask impassive,
while my emotions run and go to waste,
still I come back again...

You lift me high to the heavens,
then douse the flames in icy cold jets,
still I come back again...

No longer do I see my angel,
but blinded I am and love the more I feel,
so still I come back again...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I try...

I try my best,
God knows I do,
to be again the man from the beginning,
bring back the times of rosiness
and stakes touching the earth...
I try from my heart,
the Angels can testify this,
but this isn't the beginning
and you, not the girl from then,
rosy days are now covered in frost,
stakes raised far to lofty, dizzying heights...
Still I try with what might left,
waves return to kiss shore again,
the moon dances complete round to zero,
if dead bones have risen,
love gone awry can yet blossom,
so...again and again, I try!