Thursday, April 28, 2011

In my heart she still resides

Wished on Urania I did,
And wisdom was bestowed me,
Off came the scales,
Love divine conjured by a whisper,
I held her hands, touched her hair,
Felt the rough edges on her face,
Slept in the warmth of her embrace
And for once I knew…

Compared with her riches held nothing,
All gems the world over couldn’t peer,
In her face all gold is but a mere salt pinch,
At her feet, silver ranked par with muck,
Diamonds, rubies were mere rocks daily trod by foot,
Verges and thrones vestige of distant relics…

I loved her to death,
No thought for detriment or health,
For inside and out,
Her radiance never sleeps,
Always alive with a beauty unmatched,
Neither the moon’s luminescence,
Nor the star’s glistering sparkles,
Could cast a shadow of doubt upon…

In her presence only good I see
And all good things are mine,
At her hands, a cornucopia of delights,
Abundance devoid of numbers,
Green as the land where plenty is norm,
Where peace reigns and looms large
And at heart, again I become bairn…

Sadly now, she is no more,
And all that I’d known only in pages,
Gone like the strewn leaves from autumn trees,
Far off in places I only dream to reach,
A life I can barely dare to live,
But in my heart she still resides.

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