Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miss you so...

Why do I miss you so,
Far apart or a stone's throw,
Feelings like an arrow without a bow,
A farmer in the fields with no hoe...

How come you never know,
That in my heart you leave an undeniable glow,
Joy whiter than the purest snow,
And your silence is a fatal blow...

What would it take to show,
Make you see the seeds in me you sow,
Each passing day how they grow,
So much that now I can bear not to see you go...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As long as you are happy (I am happy too)

I will watch you walk away,
Brow beat yet barely furrowed,
But as long as you dance with glee,
I am happy too...

The pain in my heart swells to fill a gulf
And the chasm widens with every beat,
But as long as there is that big smile on your face,
I am happy too...

At night in my bed I shrivel,
Wrapped by cold, lonely and despair,
But soon as I think of you in warmth,
I am happy too...