Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everyday I wish...

Wish you near,
Wish away your every fear,
Wish you show some care,
Wish your days are mine to share,
Wish you see into my heart's bare,
Wish all murky be forever clear,
Wish you bold to take this dare,
Wish your's is the love to light my eternal flare!

Pretty eyes...

Oh em pretty eyes,
First glimpse caught a at the train station,
Silently they beckoned,
Tendrils of a plea,
Come to me...
Take away this lonesome...
Be the love I seek...
Say you are the man to make me complete...
But fear clasped my feet,
Chained its walls was my tongue,
And just like it never was,
The moment passed.
In regret I look back and long
And in my head the question rages on,
Will I ever see those pretty eyes again!?