Thursday, July 17, 2014


Trapped in the place where I know not time,
locked up in this space of no reason or rhyme...

Walking this taut rope thinner than a line,
hanging on a slope hinging on margins too fine...

Love is moving too fast, scattering about her bounty
behind I trail in a sleeping past, forlorn in lost county...

Inside of this bubble where paths are the same,
blockaded by rubble and boulevards resonating one name...

Where layeth end when these eyes have not sight!?
how do I tell that bend turns left or right!?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Silent Plea

Caught up in this mire
And I cannot find a way out,
Try as I may to get a foothold,
All there is to grasp is thin air,
Scrapes of straw no stronger than wisps,
And so deeper in this abyss I recede.
Even underneath a thousand protective layers,
The filth is not at bay,
On my knees, fervent orisons recited,
Yet the shadows of sin mockingly hover again and again,
Each one with a different Burthen,
Needing the might of a million Alcides' not to shudder and buckle beneath the weight.
Before my very eyes, I am losing all of life,
As the very essence of me sails away,
Set for a course on collision with utter damnation,
And my reach falls well short of the breaks...
Is there anyone out there that sees,
Someone, anyone who can hear this silent plea.