Monday, December 28, 2015


On this corner of happy and healthy I stand,
Time will take its course,
This journey someday won't defy definition,
At some point, I become numb
And your face passes like every other blur,
Or the watermark corsets long-lasting.
For now, this pain locked in my embrace stays,
Sting of unanswered questions,
Incertitude of unfilled voids;
Is company till what is to be, becomes.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Together at Christmas (Body, heart, soul and spirit)

It hurts to spend another Christmas apart,
All the joy and happiness in the world around,
Still this empty vacuum left to be filled...
But distance fades,
Sour memories are erased,
When true love is involved
And someone means so much more than a passing day...
So through that tiny chasm of pain,
I smile into the clarity of your face,
Knowing that we are eternal,
Body, heart, soul and spirit...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Heaven I need a Hug

Heaven I need a hug,
Heaven I need your smile...
Harden me not,
Hate and hurt keep away from my thoughts,
Healthy bloom this love that burns inside,
Halo the princess as I know,
Harken to this solemn plea,
Heaven I need a hug,
Heaven I need your smile...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love leaves... Again

Frozen, wintry laughter,
Wrought, false and dry,
Golden amulets of teardrops,
Crisp and cold,
Break down in minuscules
And run runnel,
Flitting the scape,
Down the napes into capes,
Cleft between sadness and joy,
Threnodies and carols,
A silent bleeding,
For at first crack,

I wake on the other side of the globe
As the reindeers set their sights on home,

By nightfall, with them, love leaves...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Always with you...

Sometimes you will cry,
Many times you will wonder why...

There's days of elevation to the moon,
On others, the night won't be over too soon...

Like breathing, it is norm for rise and fall,
And all that you may become is a dropped call...

Sink low but just above that last wrung,
Bite back bitterness from the tip of your tongue...

Even if it takes the barest thread,
Rid the conviction to as measly shred...

Hard as it is to lose that scarlet cape and hood,
Never forget it was with you and it was good.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pictures don't lie

Pictures don't lie,
But they don't tell a whole story.
They mention nothing about the loneliness,
The emptiness deep inside...

Pictures don't lie
But they are silent in half.
Telling nothing of trials and travails,
The silent suffering of living through outside eyes...

Pictures don't lie,
But there is so much they don't reveal.
They utter not a word of the frustration,
The long endless wait that has to be endured...

Pictures don't lie
But they just show a mirage.
Hiding behind a montage of beauty, lush and green,
Leaving out the times of drought, hunger and thirst...

Pictures don't lie
But they only give a snippet of truth.
What isn't 'matter' doesn't show,
Only that which can be captured in pixels does...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pretty Eyes

Oh... em pretty eyes,
First glimpse caught at the station,
Silently they beckoned tendrils of a plea,
"Come to me", they beseeched,
"Take me away from this lonesome world"...
"Be the love I seek"...
But fear clasped my feet,
Chained my tongue,
And just like it never was,
The moment ceased to exist.
In regret I look back and long,
And in my head the question rages forever on,
Will I ever see those pretty eyes again!?

They are yours...

These words aren't mine, they are yours...
I am just a mere medium,
The emotions are there for as long as you let 'em
And are as real as your heart permits 'em,
Anything I feel now, you put in me,
Every phrase is lifted off your thoughts and into my chest,
Every letter just a reflection of the mood in your mirror.

These stories aren't mine, they are yours...
A pauper such as I, has nothing of such value to give,
So I steal from the secret diaries you keep hidden in the dark,
Plagiarising those works you want not the world to see,
The lies, truths, innuendo you'd rather they not hear,
Eavesdropping while you bared to the imaginary priest in your bedroom,  
Every snapshot of laughter and tears taken from you unaware.

That's how you know (you are in love)...

Even right there at the throes,
On the verge,
At the tail end of a long, hard story,
Clinging to the sheets of your bed with 'death' lurking overhead,
There is still sunny symphony humming to your soul
And an eternal smile plastered on that old, grayed face
'cause there is someone smiling back at you,
The one that never goes,
The same one that is never far; present or not
A permanent fixture on the ceiling boards and the walls
That's how you know you are in love...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Can't hide...

You can't hide sadness,
You can't hide the lonesome that accompanies sorrow,
For it is always there lurking,
At the back of your lids waiting for the moment to spring
And drag you back into the cesspit you so abhor...

There is a lot that can be hidden,
Especially behind blue eyes and heart of dull throb,
But you can't hide it,
When you've lost the one you love,
For it is a 'dream' that never goes away...

Monday, January 12, 2015

I have tried...

I have tried to eat,
But both mouth and soul are sealed...

I have tried to sleep,
But the back of these eyes bulge with tears...

I have tried to think,
But your fingers crawl into my head and steal all rationale...

I have tried to dream,
But there is a void in it that cannot be filled...

I have tried to write,
But there cannot be words where there is no muse...

I have tried to love,
But how can I when I have not heart...

I have tried to live,
But there is no living without you...