Tuesday, April 7, 2015

They are yours...

These words aren't mine, they are yours...
I am just a mere medium,
The emotions are there for as long as you let 'em
And are as real as your heart permits 'em,
Anything I feel now, you put in me,
Every phrase is lifted off your thoughts and into my chest,
Every letter just a reflection of the mood in your mirror.

These stories aren't mine, they are yours...
A pauper such as I, has nothing of such value to give,
So I steal from the secret diaries you keep hidden in the dark,
Plagiarising those works you want not the world to see,
The lies, truths, innuendo you'd rather they not hear,
Eavesdropping while you bared to the imaginary priest in your bedroom,  
Every snapshot of laughter and tears taken from you unaware.

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