Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pictures don't lie

Pictures don't lie,
But they don't tell a whole story.
They mention nothing about the loneliness,
The emptiness deep inside...

Pictures don't lie
But they are silent in half.
Telling nothing of trials and travails,
The silent suffering of living through outside eyes...

Pictures don't lie,
But there is so much they don't reveal.
They utter not a word of the frustration,
The long endless wait that has to be endured...

Pictures don't lie
But they just show a mirage.
Hiding behind a montage of beauty, lush and green,
Leaving out the times of drought, hunger and thirst...

Pictures don't lie
But they only give a snippet of truth.
What isn't 'matter' doesn't show,
Only that which can be captured in pixels does...