Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More than just 'shades'...

There is something on your face I have never seen before,
a foreign object that shades your eyes and masks your brows.

Artwork of the highest quality; finely crafted, perfect luster,
chic, exclusive and complements your beauty with further grace.

It is everything to draw bated breathes and admiring attention to you;
and more than enough to bring back the familiar feelings of troubled unease to me.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fairy-tale End

With you, out of sight is never out of mind
And your beauty stays ever-green in the eye of this beholder.

Though I am shut out; pushed to the side and in the dark,
I let go not; cos' my love still burns bright and fills my heart as the sun adorns the sky.

In the doorway I am, praying for your everyday,
Watching, willing nothing but the best to come knocking.

Every passing minute in this place, I feel no closure,
Not a single shred of being pulled away from you; or that what we have is over.

For deep down inside, that angel still speaks
And she whispers to me, "this story will have our fairy-tale ending!"

Monday, July 18, 2016

It hurts anyway...

You take a swing,
Or so it appears to my troubled mind!
Is it hint?
Maybe it doesn't hit as intended,
Do I even know it's purpose?
Whatever the case,
It hurts anyway.
Could be a suggestion,
Thought just off the wayside,
Perhaps, sentiment only harmlessly re-echoed,
Not harbored nor accepted,
Just put out for debate in the public courts.
I will never understand why,
But I only see subtle dig,
Right or not,
I want you to know,
It hurts anyway.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Too far gone

Am I too far gone? Past that point of no return!!?

I try to look up ahead, down the dusty road, to see what is at its end... But I can't.

All around, in my midst... It's forlorn, devoid of encouragement in any form.

I want to stop, just give in and take the loss... But when I turn around to look for my start, I can't see it either.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Here I am looking at life from a 'foreign' angle,
As though I am a different me,
A misshapen form removed from the real,
What has become of the once spirited optimism?
That fiery spark that never saw a lost cause,
Or wrong that could not be righted,
Where is that 'little boy' chasing his fairytale...?

These Alaskan skies

These Alaskan skies are deceptive like a woman's eyes,
When she wants to drive a man to sleepless nights...

As is with her, they taunt the mind with thinly veiled lies, 
nine post meridiem made to look like six ante...

And no matter how hard you try,
You fall for it every single time...

Fighting chance

A joyous journey turning treacherous
Could well spell the end to a path,
Not always does it lead to the edge of a cliff...
Choices may have been not willful,
Intentions partly shrouded in mystery,
But causticity only lingers so long in time as consented,
'cos hope is never too far out of reach,
In any outcome, there is hand to play.

So be how battered and bruised,
Disfigured, beat and broken,
If pain clings like the sweet scents of Gardenia,
And breath is felt as chest heaves,
Rhythmic with the gentle throb of that sickly but living heart,
Then life is still more than widow's mite...
Raise that bloodied chin high to the heavens in defiance,
For in every (wo)man, there is a fighting chance!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Proudly African

I pick up the form and start to fill it out line by line
Name... Date of birth... Email Address...
Ethnicity... White? Asian? Latino? African-american? Other...
Pause. I am definitely not white, Asian or Latino
And I am sure as hell not African-American.
Why? You may ask.
Yes, black is my skin as the man in the hip-hop video...
And even though he struts over to me, hugging me warmly
Calling me "brother" as though I am some long-lost relative,
We are not really 'like'... or are we?
So I go to the space for "Other"
And in bold, upper-caps write AFRICAN...
That is who I am,
loudly and proudly so!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Curled up in a lonely ball,
Hovering in the farthest reaches,
Just inches in the sphere of sanity,
There is this eerie scream trapped in your head,
A dangerously exotic mix of creative juices and poisonous venom,
Seething, scathing, scalding.. serene, soothing and sweet
All in the same dark brew,
Begging... pleading to be let loose.